Leon Paul Junior Series


Results 2010.
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It wouldn’t be possible to run this tournament without the incredible efforts of a large number of good friends from the fencing community. On behalf of all the fencers ….. Thank-you


In Directoire -  Elaine Kellett, Keith, Davidson, John Farmer Ruth, & Catriona Thomson,

At set up -       Elaine Kellett, Mhairi, Calum and Morag De Sainte Croix, Callum Mackay

                      Andrew, Robin, Catriona, Paul and Ruth Thomson, Lyle Freeman, Ciara                        Mackenzie, Heather  Gordon, Alan Yeats, Michael McCourt, Matt Pocock.

Epee/         -    Didier Slama, Gareth Hamilton, David Ferguson, Siobhan Ramos, Mo Menzel

Sabre Refs      Robert Hullah, David Soto, Richard & James Anderson, Alistair Miller, Alex


Foil Refs -       Steven Russell, Paul Stanbridge, Alex Williams, James Loggie, Alex Pearson

                      Douglas Loggie, Mhairi De Sainte Croix, Andy Pearson, Carolyn Robb,

                      Richard Anderson, Martin Bluck, Matt Pocock

                      Dalilia Capoa, Gareth Hamilton, Mo Menzel.               

Bagpipes -       Calum De Sainte Croix

Armoury -        Lyle Freeman, Paul Thomson, Calum de Sainte Croix

Photography -  Alex Williams, James Anderson, Keith Davidson

L.P.  Shop -     Morag De Sainte Croix

Cafe-               Elizabeth & Gillian Coulter, Ann-Marie Easton

Sat. Meal -      Janine & Kirsty Ward,  Lynn & Emma Flint

Transport -      Paul Thomson

Dismantling -   Elaine Kellett, Keith  Mhairi & Jake Davidson, Mhairi, Calum and Morag De

                      Sainte Croix, Andrew, Robin, Catriona, Paul and Ruth Thomson, Lyle & Calum

                      Freeman, Gareth Hamilton, John Farmer, Alex Williams, Mo Menzel, Matt

                      Pocock, Richard Anderson      


Thank-you, all of you, for making this the best LPJS competition on the circuit.