The M8 Open

Fencing Tournament


The organisers would like to thank the following organisations and individuals for their generous contributions of time, equipment and money which all helped to make this, the M8 Open, a very successful competition.

LEON PAUL SCOTLAND.          - For the loan of electric equipment

WALLACE FENCING                 - For loan of aluminium piste and electric boxes

GLASGOW UNIVERSITY FC    - For the loan of electric equipment.

Holleran Butchers, Linlithgow,     - for special deals.

Oliphant Bakery, Linlithgow          - for special deals.

and Hogan’s Fine Foods, Falkirk   - for special deals.

Elaine Kellett,                                 -  For the smooth running of Directoire Technique

Keith, Mhairi &Katya Davidson.   -  For the smooth running of Directoire Technique

Paul Thomson, Malcolm Holford -  Armoury

Ruth Thomson                                -   First Aid.

Frances, Morag, Julie Llewelyn

Karen Burns and Caroline Russell -   Catering


Andrew Winter                        -  Refereeing finals

Prof Phil Carson                     -   Refereeing finals

Calum De Sainte Croix          -   Refereeing finals

Alexandre Arbelet                   -   Refereeing finals

To Paul Thomson, Elaine Kellett, Calum and Morag De Ste Croix, Jonny Woollard, Nina Jeffrey, Gary Hamilton and Michael McCourt for setting up and to everyone who helped with the dismantling, especially  Shetland FC and Heriot-Watt Uni -  a big thank-you.

And finally to all the fencers who made this such a friendly competition.

Thank–you all and see you again next year.