Wallace Fencing Academy

At last a training facility for everyone.

Coaches bring your pupils.

Students bring your coach or take advantage of ours.

All we ask is that visiting coaches are registered with the British Academy of fencing or with Scottish/British Fencing.

Every week we’ll host an optional training session whether it’s weights, plyometrics, stretching, aerobics or circuits.

Plus there’s always an opportunity to free fence or theme fence on the electric boxes.

Every month we will also be hosting a 48er style competition.

Prize equipment vouchers of £30 for the winner of the top pool £20 for the winner of the second , £10 for winner of the third pool.

There’s always something going on. Team matches, armoury courses, and coach education.

Why not pay us a visit.

It’s a fun morning of fencing and there’s always the possibility of a pub lunch in Linlithgow afterwards.

Saturday Mornings at Linlithgow Academy

 9am  till 1 pm

Cost £8 per session

Bring a few friends /club mates. If you bring a car load (4 fencers) the driver can fence for free.

If you run a club, why not challenge us to a match we have fencers of all levels at all weapons.

If an incentive is needed - how about the losing team buys the winning team lunch in the westport hotel. Or what about a ‘winner takes all’ pool match with a £1 entry fee.

See you on Saturdays !