Scottish Secondary Schools

 Individual Fencing Championships

 Saturday 25th  & Sunday 26th November 2017

Venue:   Linlithgow Academy, Braehead Road, Linlithgow, West Lothian, EH49 6EH


Competitions for Boys & Girls at Foil, Epee & Sabre: Under 14, Under 16 & Over 16

Master-at-Arms Awards for Three-Weapon Entries

Best Boys School & Best Girls School Trophies


1. Entrants must be individual members of Scottish Fencing. Membership status will be checked: entrants joining after the competition closing date must bring proof of membership to the check-in.

2. Entrants must currently be pupils at Scottish secondary schools but their schools need not be registered as affiliated school clubs of Scottish Fencing.

Competition Format

Provided time, space and entry numbers permit, each competition will have 2 rounds of poules, followed by direct elimination. If competitions are combined into mixed age group events because entry numbers are low, the best Under 14 and Under 16 entries will receive awards. Master-at-Arms titles will be awarded in each age band to the best performers across all three weapons.


Jackets must be CEN marked for 350N or 800N.

Breeches are required in all competitions using size 5 weapons; they are strongly recommended for all competitors. Underplastrons are required in all competitions.

Fencers aged under 14 on 1 Jan 2018 – use size 2 or size 3 weapons, require a minimum 350N underplastron, do not require Lame foil bibs and do not require an 800N glove for Sabre.

Fencers aged 14 or over on 1 Jan 2018 – use size 5 weapons, require an 800N  underplastron, must have a Lame bib for foil and an 800N glove for sabre.

Entry Fee

Single weapon  entry £25, two or  three weapon  entry £37.

Please enter and pay via paypal online.

Final Closing Date: 12th  November - later entries will only be accepted at organisers’ discretion.

Check-in times

Sat 25 November Boys Foil – all age groups 1000

Sat 25 November Girls Foil – all age groups 1100

Sun 26 November Boys Epee – all age groups 0915

Sun 26 November Girls Sabre– all age groups 0915

Sun 26 November Girls Epee & Boys Sabre – all age groups 1330

Running late on the day?

Please call or text Dusty on 07905838925 before your check-in closes.

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