Leon Paul Junior Series



It wouldn’t be possible to run this tournament without the incredible efforts of a large number of good friends from the fencing community. On behalf of all the fencers ….. Thank-you

In Directoire -  Elaine Kellett, Keith Davidson, Katya Davidson, Mhairi De Ste Croix

At set up -        Calum and Morag De Sainte Croix, Andrew, Robin, Paul and Ruth Thomson,                          Jack Douglas, Matt Pocock, and the Linlithgow Academy fencers.

Referees       -  Mark Lauchlan, Alex Pearson, Michael McCourt, David Soto, Calum Johnston,                        Jack Douglas, Ross Manson, Maya Kamat, Matt Pocock, Andrew Thomson,                        Robin Thomson, Mhairi de Ste Croix, Calum de Ste Croix, Alasdair Hooper,

                       Martha Morrison, Caitlin Philbin, Gary Hamilton, David Moody, Alasdair Miller,                        Alan Loveland, Louis Bryson

Bagpipes -       Calum De Sainte Croix

Armoury -        Paul Thomson, Malcolm  Holford

Photography -  Mhairi De Sainte Croix

L.P.  Shop -     Morag De Sainte Croix

First Aid   -       Ruth Thomson

Cafe          -      Ailsa Mackay, Shiela & Anna Douglas, Lucy, Karen Burns,                                                       Kath Beard, Kirsty Ward, David Soto, Ian Philbin, Caitlin Philbin,                                              Libby Hichens, Emma Mackenzie, Yvonne Hall, Mike Hall, John Connolly,                                Alistair Fleming and to Luscious Lovelies for gluten & dairy free cakes

Sat. Meal -       Frances Campbell, Margaret Campbell, Helene Bailey,  Sophie Bailey,

                        Kathryn Mackay, Ian Philbin.

                        Thanks also to Hogan’s Fine Foods and Holleran Butcher.

Transport -      Paul Thomson, John Connolly

Dismantling -   All of the above and Shetland Fencing Club

Thank-you, all of you, for making this the best LPJS competition on the circuit.